Since the time I keep on growing, this ‘ seven- lettered’ word respect has been touching my eardrum, being processed in my mind and I,also, have been visualizing its different dimensions.’ Do respect and have respect’ , though an old notion but still prevails very well in our present era ( of cultured, sophisticated, industrialized societies). But it is the irony of fate that like many other words ( whose meanings have been changed by time or by the people) the meanings of this word also underwent and undergoing certain dramatic & drastic changes.
Previously, when we are not ‘ far away’ from one another, this word denotes Good Behavior, Friendly Attitude, Positive Sentiments, Optimistic Approach and fair dealings. Man is mortal and anything made or formulated by him isn’t perfect, immutable, constant what is more,
reliable. The history is full of such modifications. In good old days, respect was an absolute thing ( act) but with the Advent and ever- fast growth of technology, respect has become a relative phenomenon….!
Alhamdolillah, being Muslims we have been taught a very clear concept of respect. A true Muslim doesn’t have his own ideas or even his thoughts. Allah is so merciful and Compassionate that He hasn’t put a minute burden on His beloved creation. He has taught us about how to lead a successful life here and hereafter through the ‘University of Prophethood’.Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم . taught us and demonstrated all the theory ( The Holy Quran) in the practical and practiceable form.
Let’s come to my point, Allah has used certain words for respect and some of these are:

(1) A ahzza: carrying a sense of Profess and it is the condition which saves a person from being dominated by others.

(2) Akrama: lends its meaning from the inner good ethical based faculties of a person. Another meaning is to benefit others in highly dignified way without their knowledge.

(3) Takreem: A respect which is given to a person due to his personal characteristics and capabilities.

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