This word is usually defined as ” a person’s essential being that makes his/ her distinguished from the other beings ( whether living or non- living) and is especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.”
Self has also been defined in diversification in different schools of thought like the philosophers have their own definition, scientists have their own perception, sociologists define it in a different way and so forth and so on.
As we’ve already discussed the different ways of getting knowledge like Senses, Conscience, Intuition, Inscription & Wahi ( though sometimes, intuition and/or inscription are used for Wahi) and except Wahi we’ve also seen the limitations of all the other sources; therefore, it’s not surprising when come across the diversifications in describing the Self.
The Absolute Being ( Allah),then should be the One to give Absolute definition and so is the case. Right from the beginning, when the process of Creation tenet and profounded by the process of Direction, this “Self” has been undergoing the way to borrow its nomenclature….! Here, again we find the Knowledge ( bestowed upon Adam) which satiates our thirst.
To cut it short and make it simple The Almighty always seems to be Oft- merciful & omnipotent. The Holy Quran describes it in three forms:
(1) The Blaming Self ( Eschew Soul).
(2) The Accusing Self.
(3) The Righteous Self.
All the three are present instinctively & indicates the process of Evolution of Divine’s vicegerent. The blaming self is on one extreme and always represents not only the Evil but always stimulates the Wrong- doing. The accusing self has inherent tendency to resist the blaming self & urges towards neutrality, and if follows its directions it nullifies the attributes of blaming self & leads to the last stage of evolution i.e The Righteous Self….. The Self with peace, The Self for which Almighty wants to be merged in His Absolute Being.
May Almighty bless us with this Self whose abode is Gardens of eternal bliss with aye residence.

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